Applecross Peninsula

Cycling the Applecross Peninsula is an unforgettable adventure. This challenging route includes a climb over the mighty Bealach na Bá, vistas over the sea to Skye and the beautiful landscape of Torridon.

Red Roof Cottage, Ardheslaig, Strathcarron

Route Summary

  • Distance
    60 miles / 96 km
  • Time
  • Ascent
    5,249 feet / 1,600 m
  • Difficulty Level
  • Terrain
  • Start Point
  • End Point
  • How to Get There

    Torridon is linked by bus service from Strathcarron. Alternatively, the route can also be altered to start from Strathcarron Railway Station

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Route Map


Green fields above the village of Shieldaig, Strathcarron

Always Sunny in Shieldaig

Mist in the hills as seen from the foot of the Bealach na Bá

Foreboding Mist

Russel Burn Bridge at the foot of the Bealach na Bá

Russel Burn Bridge

Russel Burn at the foot of the Bealach na Bá

Russel Burn

Mist near the top of the Bealach na Bá

Bealach na Bá

Hairpin bend roads on the Bealach na Bá

Hairpin Bends

Folding bikes and hairpin bend roads on the Bealach na Bá

Bikes on the Bends

Old and worn row boats in Applecross

Tired Boats

Bull terrier dog relaxing in Applecross

I Eat Babies for Breakfast

A winding, tree-lined lane in Applecross

Winding Lane, Applecross

Waysigns in Applecross

Waysigns, Applecross

Leaving Applecross Bay

Cyclist on road between rockface near Applecross

Waterfall near Applecross


Cottage in Kalnakill, Applecross Peninsula

Kalnakill and Distant Rona

Stream near Kalnakill, Applecross Peninsula


View over the sea to Skye from Applecross

Over the Sea to Skye

View of Torridon


Sheep among the heather near Cuaig, Applecross Peninsula

Applecross Sheep

Highland Cow near Fearnmore, Applecross Peninsula

Applecross Coo

Panorama of Torridon Hills


Cyclist rides along coast of Loch Torridon, Applecross Peninsula

Loch Torridon

Cyclist rides uphill on a single track road, Applecross Peninsula

Undulating Route

Cyclist rides on single track road toward  Torridon, Applecross Peninsula

Torridon Ahead

Hills along edge of Loch Torridon, Applecross Peninsula

Loch Torridon

Winding blind corner bend in the road along Loch Torridon, Applecross Peninsula

Blind Corners

Misty mountain view of Torridon from Above Arheslaig, Applecross Peninsula

Above Arheslaig

Picturesque Red Roof Cottage, often photographed by tourists, Ardheslaig, Applecross Peninsula

Red Roof Cottage, Ardheslaig

Applecross Peninsula

Final Stretches

Abandoned old-fashioned iron bedframe overtaken by the heather, Applecross Peninsula

Sleeping Rough in Kinloch

Route Reviews

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