Falkirk Cycle Loop

This route climbs up into the hills above Falkirk before descending to Avonbridge and skirting the lovely River Avon. It includes cycling on tarmac and some tracks. Muiravonside Country Park is worth taking a bit of time to explore and Newparks Farm within is popular with animal lovers, especially those with an affinity for chickens. The last stage is a flat stretch along the Union Canal back to the start.

Small narrowboat on the Union Canal

Route Summary

  • Distance
    19 miles / 30 km
  • Time
  • Ascent
    951 feet / 290 m
  • Difficulty Level
  • Terrain
  • Start Point
    Falkirk High Railway Station
  • End Point
    Falkirk High Railway Station
  • How to Get There

    This route is fully accessible via public transport from Falkirk High Railway Station

  • Downloads
    Download GPX

Route Map


Cyclist ascending a country road north of Falkirk

Ascent from Falkirk

View of Falkirk from the hills to the north

Falkirk View

View of the Campsies from the hills north of Falkirk


B8022 north of Falkirk


Goats near the town centre of Avonbridge

Avonbridge Townies

Peacock on a dilapidated shed roof along Blackston Road near Avonbridge


A silky chicken at Newparks Farm

Silky Chicken

Buzzard along the B8022 north of Falkirk


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